Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day #01

Woah. This. Is. Mental.
Okay, so I started one of these project 365 things 2 and a half years ago, it documented my life for a whole year and I loved doing it, it's time to get the band back together....And the hormonal teenage boy who thinks he's funny. I hope you like the name of this blog, nice and simple (cannot believe nobody else nabbed it first). Just think, by the time I complete this blog I will be coming to the end of my first year at university. Which leads me on to the first post!
Last night I found out that I got an unconditional place at Aberystwyth University, this means that I no longer rely on my A-levels to gain me a seat at the scholar's table. When I found out I was parked looking for directions on my phone, suddenly an email.... I went crazy, I got out of my car and just started screaming. A tad mental but what is more mental is that they are giving me £1,000 a year to study there. The letter which I received shortly after is detailing my success.
Also in the photo is a necklace, it is something that I picked up on my travels last summer and I haven't thought much of it until today. Someone asked me why I wear it? I wear it because it is the symbolic shell of the Camino de Santiago (The way of Saint James), 'The camino' - The way, the shell signifies that no matter what problems we face in life, no matter what hardships or ailments inflict us, we find a way of coping, of dealing and overcoming. They expected me to say that I bought it for £3 in River Island, instead they got me lecturing them on the difficulties of living. Great friend making skill I have.
Okay, so I guess this is the part where I say
Until tomorrow
Will :)

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