Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day #07

Good evening! It has been cold today, cold enough for me to wear 3 layers. Yeah. That cold.
Currently I am watching a debate between Nigel Farage, loudmouth man-in-the-pub leader of the racists, I mean UK Independence Party and Nick baby face knows-everyone's-first-name Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats. I am of legal voting age and it is interesting to actually take an interest in. It is also interesting to see and hear the contrast between Lib Dem's and UKIP's leaders talking - Nick Clegg seems to use a lot of hand movement, eye contact and familiarity, whereas Nigel Farage seems to represent that crazy man that everyone tries to awkwardly ignore on a bus, he seems to shout down his opponent and then do a really strange creepy smile with an angry statement to accompany.
Not like that shows my political leanings (I like anyone that isn't a wolf in sheep's clothing)
Today's photo is of my Polaroids on my wall. I have been building it for a few months now and it is full of all the most important people in my life.
Until tomorrow
Will :)

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